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Tonino Carotone is already a "cult" international artist who don't need so many presentations. Antonio de la Cuesta grows in a district of Pamplona (Spain) by listening to the radio and watching TV, thus absorbing melodies of variety and advertising. Later, traveling and discovering the music of Luis Aguila, Trini Lopez, Peret, Mina, Rita Pavone, Albano & Romina, Adriano Celentano, begins her prolific musical career. It's inspired by its renowned art by Neapolitan Renato Carosone and Fred Buscaglione's appearance. Already a gold album with the album "Mondo difficile" has collaborations with artists such as Manu Chao, Eugene Huts (Gogol Bordello), Erriquez (Bandabardò) and many others. It also appears in some projects of the Italian and foreign alternative scene, among them all with the Arpioni, Zibba, Vallanzaska, Pietra Montercovino, Terroni Uniti, Locomondo, Mimmo Epifani and many others. It's present in various TV shows such as Parla Con Me, Chiambretti Night, Scalo 76 and Radio like Gli Spostati, Fegiz Files and Caterpillar. At the Politeama Theater in Naples he receives "Premio Carosone" for his career and as the best foreign artist. He participates in the "Festival del 1° Maggio" in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome together with Bandabardò. In addition to the fortunate Italian dates he also performs regularly in Spain, Greece, Chile, Argentina (tour of stadiums with Manu Chao), Russia. Participate in the largest Italian and Spanish Festivals. Federico Traversa for Chinaski Edizioni writes with him and for him the book "Il Maestro Dell'Ora Brava". He was called from the famous director Emir Kusturica to attend his Film and Music Festival in Kustendorf. He is rewarded at the Havana Film Festival for some films that have used his songs. His songs also featured in the last "cine panettone" by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo: "Il Ricco, Il Povero e il Maggiordomo". On May 26, 2017, he released his new single "L'amore Non Paga" (Saifam / Believe Digital group), which will be launching the new album, scheduled for autumn. The artistic production is entrusted to Alborosie and the direction of Videoclip to Mauro Russo (Calibro9). Within the track where Fabrizio Consoli and Fred Buscaglione Jr appears as authors, we find Tyron Downie, Bob Marley's historical keyboardist and co-founder of The Wailers.

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